Oracle Integration Cloud Service is a complete, secure, but lightweight integration solution that simplifies connectivity between your applications, enabling you to connect both your cloud and on-premise applications seamlessly.

Providing native connectivity to Oracle Software as a Service (SaaS) applications like Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Right Now Cloud, Oracle Integration Cloud Service ensures smooth integration and interoperability.

Once integrated and activated in the runtime environment, the dashboard of Oracle Integration Cloud Service displays comprehensive information about the running integrations. This enables you to monitor the status and processing statistics of each integration effectively.

By capturing and reporting key information such as throughput, the number of messages processed successfully, and the number of messages that failed processing, the dashboard helps in measuring and tracking the performance of your transactions.


  • Integration : Integration uses connections to implement business process.  An integration includes at least a trigger or source connection  and invoke or target connection  and the field mapping between those two connections.
                 *Invoke (target connection ) For requests sent from OIC Service to the  target
                *Trigger (source connection) : For requests sent to OIC Service
  • Connections : A connection is based on an adapter. For example, to create a connection to a specific RightNow Cloud application instance, you must select the Oracle RightNow adapter and then specify the WSDL URL, security policy, and security credentials to connect to it
  • Lookups : A bit like DVMs in SOA Suite, can cross-reference values of the same attribute/element when mapping from one system to another.
  • Packages : You can group one or more integrations into a single structure called a package to easily import and export them to and from OIC Service. Packages being optional, integrations do not need to be a part of them. At least one integration is needed for a package to exist.
  • Agents : The on-premises connectivity agent enables you to create integrations and exchange messages between on-premises applications and Oracle Integration Cloud Service. For example, sending requests from a cloud application to a on-premise database.
  • Adapters : Adapters are endpoints of any integration solution, so they interact directly with the business applications. Adapters do the actual connections with application resources and manage application transactions, security, exceptions, and so on.

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