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C/C++ Technical Interview Questions



The most important thing is to prepare for interview. Technical interview is the most important part to get qualify for any company. We are providing all companies technical interview questions.

As freshers its very difficult to get to know about off campus recruitments and their update. We Xhire providing you a platform where you can get all these details in a single platform. 


Here we have listed below most important C and C++ technical
interview questions. There questions are very important and asked by top IT
IT companies like TCS, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Virtusa, Amazon, Wipro,
Hexaware, Capgemini, Cognizant, Deloitte, KPMG have asked these questions in their

1. Difference between C and C++.

2. Features of C++.

2. What is OPPs concept.

3. Data types in C++.

4. What is keyword, how many keywords are there in C++?

5. What is Ternary Operator?

6. What is Identifier in C++?

7. Difference between Keyword and Identifier.

8. What is decision control statement?

9. Difference between If and If else statement.

10. What is switch statement?

12. What are loops in C++?

13. What is difference between while loop and do while loop?

14. What is break statement and continue statement?

15. What is goto statement in C++?

16. What is function in C++?

17. What is call by value and call by reference?

18. What is recursion function?

19. What is storage class?

20. What is string in C++?

21. Give me 5 string functions name.

22. What is an array?

23. Difference between string and array.

24. What is Multi-dimensional array / 2D array?

25. What is sizeof() operator in C++?

26. What is Malloc() and Calloc ()?

27. What is new and delete?

28. What is Pointer?

29. What is NULL pointer or Void Pointer?

30. What are OPPs concept in C++?

31. What is class and Object?

32. What is Inheritance in C++?

33. What is Polymorphism?

34. What is function overloading and function overriding?

35. How many types of inheritance in C++?

36. What is Constructor?

37. Can constructor be overload in C++?

38. What is destructor?

39. What is this pointer?

40. What is Static Variable?

41. What is Global Variable?

42. What is Friend Function?

43. What is Virtual Function?

44. What do you understand by abstraction?

45. What is data hiding in C++?


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