What Is OIC-Oracle Integration Cloud

Oracle Integration Cloud-
Oracle Integration Cloud–also known as OIC–is a cloud integration product that connects your on-site applications and systems with third-party enterprise software and other cloud-based programs. It does so in real-time and utilizes industry-leading security to ensure the safety of your organization. As a big plus, it doesn’t require much coding expertise to set up, monitor, and maintain. OIC grants your company unprecedented levels of synchronization which can improve organizational efficiency tremendously.

Oracle Integration Cloud-
Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) brings together all the capabilities of Application Integration, Process Automation, Visual Application Building and Integration Analytics into a single unified cloud service.
OIC offers three applications

1. Integration Cloud Service (ICS)
2. Process Cloud Service (PCS)
3. Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS)

OIC Version                              

              a) Standard                                                                                                           

              b) Enterpris

OIC Generations

  Oracle Integration Classic

·     Oracle Integration Generation 2

·     Oracle Integration 3






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